First tests with Kinect - gestural drawing in 3D

Yes I'm playing with hacking Kinect :)

The XBox Kinect is connected to my Macbook Pro, and I wrote a little demo to analyse the depth map for gestural 3D interaction. One hand to draw in 3D, two hands to rotate the view. Very rough, early prototype.

You can download the source for the above demo (GPL v2) at

Within a few hours of receiving his Kinect, Hector Martin released source code to read in an RGB and depth map from the device for Linux.

within a few hours of that Theo Watson ported it to Mac OSX and release his source, which - with the help of others - became an openFrameworks addon pretty quickly.

Now demos are popping up all over the world as people are trying to understand the capabilities of this device and how it will change Human Computer Interaction on a consumer / mass level.