"Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas" for iPhone

148apps.com - 4/5 stars."You will find yourself showing people this application …and then, not getting your iPhone back because they want to keep painting."

geek.com - "I like the fact that the app is not just a port of the website, but includes enhancements which take advantage of the features of the iPhone."

iphonefreakz.com - "...the most jollificating paint app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s like getting a Jackson Pollock soul inside you...Definitely worth having it on your phone for. Well worth $0.99"

iPhone adaptation of Miltos Manetas' website jacksonpollock.org (original flash developed by Stamen Design). Save your pictures and send them to jackson@jacksonpollock.org, the best Pollocks will be published in an upcoming book.

The video below shows the basic features of v1.0. In the current version (v1.1) ability to choose your own colors has been added to allow the creation of more controlled paintings like those seen in the images below.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Get it from the iTunes App Store here.

Quick paintings created with "Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas" for iPhone:
'Sun in the sky behind apple tree' by Memo'Black Swan' by Memo'Still Life Studies - bunch of fruit on table' by Memo'Blood' by Memo'Color on Black' by Memo'Good Times' by Jane'Amore 2' by Memo

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