Glastonbury Pi (2008)





Demo of interaction+visuals+music (just a reminder, this isn’t random trippy visuals set to a piano soundtrack… I’m playing a virtual piano by waving my hands and fingers around in the air – which also moves the fluid and particles around as well, see Webcam Piano 2.0 for the evolution of this)




Fluids sim (eventually released as opensource addon for processing and openframeworks as msafluid)



Pi is an interactive audio visual installation commissioned by Trash City of the Glastonbury Festival to be shown at the festival in June 2008.

Working with fellow cosmic explorers Seeper and The Laundrettas, our idea was to take a 50ft tent, and convert it into a giant audio visual instrument. All of the music, audio and visuals inside the tent are generated and controlled entirely by the movements of the occupants.

The space is divided into 6 zones. Two of the zones are purely visual, this is the waiting area. Here people can dance, chill, run about and do as they please. Cameras track their movements and use them to generate and manipulate fluids and particles visuals – so people can ‘throw’ plasma balls at each other, or send colourful waves propagating around the space. The other 4 zones have the same visual interactions, but in addition are also connected to an audio system. Each of these four zones is allocated an instrument type (drums/beats/percussion, pads, bass, strings etc.), and movement within these zones triggers notes or beats – depending on precisely where in the zone the movement is triggered. A lot of effort went into designing the sounds and notes triggered to make sure the end result would almost always sound pleasant and not be complete cacophony.


Made with openFrameworks.

Related Dates

2008 Jun 25-29,
Exhibition , Glastonbury Pi,
Glastonbury Festival, UK